Address: 16-1-486,Saidabad,Hyderabad-500059

Department of Mechanical Engineering

List of Laboratories

Computer Aided Drafting Lab

Personal Computers Intel(R)core(TM) i3-3220CPU @3.30GHZ 3.29GHZ,1.89GB of RAM/ Keyboard/Mouse ,Dell (TM) E1912H 18.5” monitor with LED back light,Auto CAD 2013 Licensed Software obtained from AICTE , New Delhi,Draft sight 2D drafting from Dassault Systems.


Composite Slab Apparatus, Natural Convention Apparatus, Thermal Conductivity Test Rig, Pin-Fin Apparatus, Parallel & Counter flow Heat Exchanger, Emissivity measurement Apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus, Centrifugal Blower, Axial Flow Blower.

Thermo dynamics Lab

Reciprocating Air Compressor, Four Stroke Four Cylinder Diesel Engine,Four Stroke Four Cylinder Petrol Engine.


Lathe Machines, Radial Drilling Machine, Surface Grinding Machine, Universal Milling Machine, Shaping Machine, Tool & Cutter Grinder, Tool Dynamo Meter, Bench Grinding Machine.


Profile Projector, Tool Maker’s Micro Scope, Bench centre, Sine bar and Bevel Protractor, Slip Gauges, Digital Comparator, Surface Roughness Tester, Vernier Callipers and Micro Meters

Work Shop Practice

Fitting ,Carpentry,Plumbing,House wiring,Tin smithy,Welding.

Metallurgy Lab

Metallurgical Microscopes -18, Triinocular Microscope with CCD Camera & Analysis S/w, Furnaces, Hardness tester, Polishing, Specimen mounting & Cutoff m/cs, Magnetic crack detector.

Hydraulic Machinery Lab

Pelton Wheel Turbine, Kaplan Turbine ,Francis Turbine,Measurement of discharge by Pitot tube, Performance & Characteristics of Reciprocating pump,Performance & Characteristics of Centrifugal pump.

Manufacturing Process Lab

TIG, MIG, Spot & Butt welding m/cs, Shell moulding, Ericson cupping m/c, Hydraulic and Power presses. Wire drawing m/c, Water-hammer forming.