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Address: 16-1-486,Saidabad,Hyderabad-500059

CSE Department News Letter

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2011 with an intake of 60 in Bachelor of Enginering Programme. The intake is gradually increased to 120 by the year 2012.

The Department is Headed by Dr.P. Vijaya Pal Reddy having teaching experience of 18 years. He is a member of CSI, ISTE, FSMI, SDIWC, IAENG societies. He published remarkable research papers in reputed journals and published Two patents. The department is having 23 well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty with four Ph. Ds holders and currently three faculty members are pursuing Ph.D. The faculty members are acting as research supervisors for various universities. The faculty members are encouraged to participate in Faculty Development Programmes, Conferences, Workshops, Publication of Research Papers and active involvement in R & D activity.

The Department has seven dedicated laboratories with latest hardware and software and also has sufficient well qualified and experienced technical and supporting staff. The labs were complemented by the latest softwares like Microsoft Products, Rational Enterprise Suite (RES), Rational Software Architect (RSA), Linux, WEKA Data Mining Tool, KEIL Embedded System Software, C/C++/Java IDE, etc. The department is conducting various training programs and certification courses for the students and faculty in association with CISCO, ORACLE Academy. The department has separate lab for innovative projects development with 40 Mbps Internet access.

The Institute has IE, CSI, IEEE, ISTE institution membership and also Student's Chapters. On behalf of student chapters, the department is organizing various technical activities, professional activities, workshops, seminars, coding contests and project development activities. As a part extra cultural activities, the institute is organizing cultural fest, Annual day celebrations, Womens day celebrations. There are various student clubs like Music Club, Matrusri Campus Connect, technohub for showing their talent and innovative ideas implementation. The students has participated in different technical and non-technical events at national and international levels and brought laurels to the department. The students are encouraged to participate in various games and sports events at state and national level competitions.

Vision & Mission


The Computer Science and Engineering Department aims to produce competent professionals with strong analytical skills, technical skills, research aptitude and ethical values.


To provide hands-on-experience and problem-solving skills by imparting quality education.

To conduct skill-development programmes in emerging technologies to serve the needs of industry, society and scientific community.

To promote comprehensive education and professional development for effective teaching-learning processes.

To impart project management skills with an attitude for life-long learning with ethical values.




To learn engineering knowledge and problem analysis skills to design and develop solutions for computer science and engineering problems.

To address the feature engineering with the usage of modern IT and Software tools.

To acquire and practice the profession with due consideration to environment issues in conformance with societal needs and ethical values.

To manage projects in multidisciplinary environments as a member and as a leader with effective communications.

To engage in life-long learning in the context of ever changing technology.




Upon the completion of programme, the student will be able to

1. Engineering knowledge: Apply and integrate the knowledge of computing to computer science and engineering problems.

2. Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate and analyze complex engineering problems using computer science and engineering knowledge.

3. Design/Development of solutions: Design and develop components or processes to engineering problems as per specification with environmental consideration.

4. Conduct Investigations of complex problems: Interpret and integrate information to provide solutions to real world problems.

5. Modern tool usage: Select and apply modern engineering and information technology tools for complex engineering problems

6. The engineer and Society: Assess and responsible for societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues in professional practice.

7. Environment and Sustainability: Understand the impact of computing solutions in the context of societal, environmental and economical development.

8. Ethics: Commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.

9. Individual and team work: Function as an individual, as a member or leader in multidisciplinary environment.

10. Communication: Acquire effective written and oral communication skills on technical and general aspects.

11. Project management and finance: Apply engineering and management principles to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.

12. Life-Long learning: Identify the need of self-learning and life-long learning in the broad context of technological evolution.




Upon the completion of programme, the student will be able to

1. Familiar with open-ended programming environments to develop software applications.

2. Apply the knowledge of Computer System Design, Principles of Algorithms and Computer Communications to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.

CSE-Dept POs.PEOs and PSOs


List Of Faculty


Name of the faculty



Dr. P. Vijayapal Reddy



Prof. G. Veereshalingam



Dr. G. Shyama Chandra Prasad

Assoc. Prof


Dr Sathineni Mamatha

Assoc. Prof


Dr. K. Sunil Manohar Reddy

Assoc. Prof


Mrs. J .Samatha

Asst. Prof


Mrs. K. Bhagyalakshmi

Asst. Prof


Mrs. G. Pratibha

Asst. Prof


Mr. A.V.Murali Krishna

Asst. Prof


Mr. V. Vinay Kumar

Asst. Prof


Mrs. B.J. Praveena

Asst. Prof


Mr. L. Raghavendar Raju

Asst. Prof


Mr. P .Ravindra

Asst. Prof


Mrs. M. Priyanka

Asst. Prof


Mr. M. Praveen Kumar

Asst. Prof


Mrs. B. Sujatha

Asst. Prof


Mr. V. Chandrasekhar

Asst. Prof


Mr. A. Pramod Kumar

Asst. Prof


Mr. P. Siva

Asst. Prof


Mr. K. Vikram Reddy

Asst. Prof


Mrs. T. Aruna   Jyothi

Asst. Prof


Mrs. K. Shalini

Asst. Prof


Mrs. M. Swapna Reddy

Asst. Prof


Mrs. C. Hari Priyanka

Asst. Prof


List Of Non Teaching Staff

S. No

Name of the Non Teaching Staff



Mr. Ch. Sunil Kumar

Lab Assistant


Mrs. A. Madhavi

Asst. Programmer


Ms. T. Vijayalakshmi

Asst. Programmer


Ms. K. Praveena

Asst. Programmer


Mr. N. Krishna Mohan

System Admin


Mrs. M. Seshumamba

Admin. Assistant