Address: 16-1-486,Saidabad,Hyderabad-500059

Department of Civil Engineering

List of Laboratories

Strength of Materials Lab

UniversalTesting machine,Compression testing machine, Torsion Testing machine, shaft capacity 10kg,Izod and Charpy impact testing machine,Hardness testing machine,Meter scale, Micrometer(0.25), vernier calipers.

Engineering Geology Lab

Hand held GPS receiver GARMIN, GPS72H,Refraction Seismic Timer,Direct Reading Digital Resistivity Meter Model DDR-3,Structural Geology Models Model of Island Formation.

Surveying Lab

Total Station- Pentax R-423,Sun auto level with stand,Prismatic compass with stand,Survey compass with stand,Theodolites, Dumpy levels

Computer Aided Drafting Lab

Personal Computers Intel(R)core(TM) i3-3220CPU @3.30GHZ 3.29GHZ,1.89GB of RAM/ Keyboard/Mouse ,Dell (TM) E1912H 18.5” monitor with LED back light,Auto CAD 2013 Licensed Software obtained from AICTE , New Delhi,Draft sight 2D drafting from Dassault Systems.

Fluid Mechanics

Multi purpose Flume,Heleshaw apparatus,Bernoullis apparatus,Reynolds’s apparatus ,Pipe Friction,V Notch,Rectangular Notch,Mouth Piece, Circular Orifice,Venturimeter..

Transportation Engineering

Los angeles abrasion testing machine,Flash and fire point Appratus,Aggregate crushing value apparatus,Ductility testing machine with thermometers,Aggregate impact testing machine.

Environmental Engineering Lab

pH meter,Turbiditymeter,Flamephotometer, BOD Incubator, COD Digester,Conductivity Meter(TDS)

Soil Mechanics Lab

CBR apparatus, Direct Shear Test, Triaxial Compression test,Universal Automatic Compactor,Unconfined Compression test

Concrete Technology Lab

Flexural testing machine,Concrete Vibrating Table,Electronic Concrete Mixer,Vibrating Machine for cement Cubes

Engineering Graphics Lab