Address: 16-1-486,Saidabad,Hyderabad-500059

ANTI RAGGING COMMITTEE is our apex body at institutional level to monitor measures for preventing, prohibiting and punishing activities of Ragging menace within and outside the campus in accordance with UGC regulations. Supreme court Directives A D provisions state Act. It is responsible for taking action those found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging, actively or passively or being part of conspiracy to promote ragging. Composition of Anti Ragging Committee

Industry-Institution Partnership Cell (IIPC) of the college is constituted with the following members.
S. No Position Designation Name of Staff Contact No.
1 Chairman Principal Dr. D. Hanumnatha Rao 9703230136
2 Vice Chairman HOD-S&H Dr. T. Shekaram 9505699090
3 Coordinator Student Advisor Dr. M. Yuvaraju 9177331167
4 Member HOD-Civil Dr. G. Manohar 9490437644
5 Member HOD-CSE Dr. P. Vijayapal Reddy 9703017689
6 Member HOD-ECE Dr. N. Srinivas Rao 9885096286
7 Member HOD-EEE Dr. G. Ravindranath 9030082652
8 Member Professor-ECE

Dr. P. Hara Gopal Mani


9 Member Professor-S&H Dr. S. Thiagarajan 9985570333
10 Coordinator Professor-CSE Prof. G. Veereshalingam 9703017687
11 Member Assoc. Prof., CIV Dr. P. V. S. Koteswara Rao 9394566500
12 Member Assoc. Prof., Mech Mr. M. V. Kishore 9848218405
13 Member Asst. Prof., S&H T. Vishnu 9676172776
14 Member Asst. Prof., S&H Mr. D. Purnachandar Rao 9948143954
15 Member Asst. Prof., ECE Mr. Nagaraju 9603156550
16 Member Asst. Prof., mech Mr. C. Venkateshwara Reddy 9848024848
17 Member Asst. Prof., S&H Mr. Prashanth kuberkar 9989658808
18 Member Student Mr. P. Satish(ECE) 9177991483
19 Member Station House Officer Saidabad Police Satation -
20 Member Mandal Revenue Officer M R O Malakpet Branch 9010150043
21 Member Attender Mr. T. Omprakash 9010878706